How much does a Herm�s Birkin Bag cost?


Hermes is a line of luxury purses, scarves, ties, fragrances and home accessories. They are most well known for the Birkin Bag. As of 2012, the bag costs over $6,700.
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Hermes Birkin bags range in price anywhere from $2,700 to $17,000. I'd go
usually around 10,000 it's very expensive.
1. Hermes Birkin bags are hard to come by, which is why even those that want to purchase a new one are put onto wait lists. Many used Birkin bags are sold for the retail price and
They start at around $10,000 but go up quickly from there depending on the type of hardware (gold, silver, white gold, rose gold, diamonds) and sometimes the type and color of the
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In order to spot a fake Hermes Birkin bag, you must first study what a real Birkin bag looks like, once you have an idea of what the real thing looks like it will ...
First of all the Hermes Birkin will cost about $6,000 and no less. It will be a special quality of leather, have embossed markings on it, and has no metal nameplates ...
Cement also made an interesting contrast. This most basic of building materials was costing ?2.80 a bag back in 1985; currently the going rate seems to be ?2.77. ...
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