How Much Does a Hippo Weigh?


A hippopotamus is the third largest living land animal which enjoys water bodies as its habitat. A normal hippo can be 13 feet long and 5 feet tall weigh up to 3 and a half tons and its hide alone can weigh up to half a ton. It is a herbivorous animal and is mostly found in Africa.
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How Much Does a Hippo Weigh?
Among the most dangerous animals on the planet, the hippopotamus is the second largest land mammal after the elephant. Hippos are semi-aquatic, at home on both the land and in the water. They can live for upwards to 50 years in the wild and grow as large... More »
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Adult hippos are huge, weighing up to 6,000 pounds. Even with this enormous weight, hippos can still run very fast - faster than humans, so never pick a fight with a hippo! You can find more information here:
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