How much does a home elevator cost?


The average cost for a home elevator with two stops ranges from $21,000 to $25,000, and a three-stop elevator ranges from $28,000 to $30,000. Prices for home elevators vary depending on additional installation charges and customization of the cabs. A standard home elevator is approximately 15 square feet, and a mid-sized home elevator is approximately 18 square feet.

Homeowners install home elevators for a number of reasons. In high-end neighborhoods, home elevators are a stylish and convenient addition to large homes and mansions with multiple levels. Home elevators are also installed in homes in which there are individuals who have limited mobility or chronic health issues. Individuals who have trouble breathing when walking up and down large flights of stairs or individuals who are wheelchair bound can safely and conveniently travel throughout the home without the assistance of others.

Home elevators are built to hold an approximate capacity of up to 950 pounds, and they are wide enough to comfortably hold wheelchairs or walkers. Home elevators can be custom designed to fit practically anywhere in the home. Residential elevators are designed with a motor that hides inside the elevator shaft, allowing for additional space. Home elevators feature alarm buttons, emergency door handles and interior lights.

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Home elevators are cheap. Maybe $2500. The cost of the structural engineer, the architect, and the contractor are what cost big bucks!
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