How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?


An extension to your house can be an easier option to moving for gaining more living space but the cost depends on the types of extensions and size. Roughly the cost can be estimated as £1000 per m2 including basic plumbing and electrician work.
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The basic cost of a single storey extension can start from around £1,000 per square metre. Prices will depend on your location, specific building materials, foundations, type of roof, etc.
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As a rough idea one can basically say that a home extension will cost £1000 per m2 or 93 per ft2 including basic plumbing and electrician work. This price ...
The cost of an extension of a home can vary. You will be required to know about the raw material costs, labour costs and then you will have the idea. However the ...
Extensions can add around 25% to value of your property and basement or loft conversion will typically boost the property value by 10% to 15%. But cost can be ...
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