How Much Does a Hookah Pipe Cost?


A hookah pipe costs is a proximate to 100 pounds. This is a well designed gadget that is used in leisure purposes for example smoking and it is called the shisha in Indian language. For more viewing visit .
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1. Decide what you will you use your hookah for. Is it going to stay at your house or are you going to travel with it? Do you have space to store it? Are you going to use it at parties
They range from 40 to well over 100 dollars.
all age restriction that apply to smoking cigarrettes apply to hookah as well. just as a side note, despite what people say hookah is just as harmful as cigarrettes. see link http
There are a bunch of variables here that revolve around aesthetics of what you want to deliver. Assuming that you want a middle eastern feel you don't need to spend much on decoration
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