How Much Does a Hummer Limo Cost to Rent?


Hummer Limos are typically the most expensive car to rent. Just like all limo's, the cost of a Hummer Limo is per hour. Each company has their own rate, however, the average cost is approximately $125 per hour.
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The Atlanta Pink Hummer Stretch
Unless you have a bank balance of over 1.5million then you sir have asked the stupidest question ever but if you are that ritch then here are some figures $1.2million for the car,
The costs for a standard stretch limo varies widely on
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The cost of Limos vary with the make of the Limo for exmple, a Tiffany 70' Stretch Limousine would cost $61,000 ex Factory while a Tiffany FP 500. 120' Stretch ...
The cost of a hummer H3 all depends on the options, mileage, condition and were you are buying it from. The less miles, more options and better condition the higher ...
Average limousine rental costs vary based on a variety of factors. Your exact costs will depend on the factors listed below:Time of year (spring, summer, etc.) ...
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