How Much Does a John Deere Combine Weigh?


A John Deere combine can weigh anywhere from 8,000 to 18,000 pounds, and possibly more. There are several models and it comes in different sizes with different attachments. It would depend on the size of the tractor and what is attached.
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A John Deere 4430 weighs 11350 to 15060 pounds. Varying because of different types of 4430s and weights that could be attached to the front frame and rear wheels of the tractors.
There is a 1996 used John Deere 9600 combine online for $60,000. A new 9750 John
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John Deere is a corporation that manufactures agricultural machinery. The company makes a number of combines. The weight of a John Deere Combine varies from one machinery to another. It can go from 29945lb for a 9570 STS Combine to 36113.9 lb with a 9870 Combine. If you?re using a metric system, that equals to 13582.8 kg and 16381 kg. These weights are without attachments so in conclusion it?s safe to say that a John Deere Combine weights around 30000 lb without any attachments. If you want a specific number for a combine whose weight isn?t shown on their website you can try contacting the closest John Deere dealer.
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A John Deere combine will vary in cost depending on the age and style. Used combines can cost upwards of $100,000 as of December 1, 2012. ...
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