How Much Does a Labrador Retriever Cost?


Labrador Retrievers are beautiful and intelligent dogs that happen to be one of the most popular breeds of dog in existence. The cost of purchasing a Labrador Retriever may depend on who it is purchased from. You may find free Labradors in your local newspaper classifieds section. The cost of Rescuing a Labrador from a shelter may vary, but is usually very inexpensive. Buying a Labrador from a champion breeder may cost hundreds of dollars.
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It depends on where you intend to purchase the pup. I would not recommend getting your dog through a pet shop. Search for breeders that have the appropriate AKA documentation. A good
1. Decide the age of the dog. Most people want puppies, but be ready to spend time and consistent energy to help train your puppy, or you'll be frustrated. Most puppies will chew,
1. Decide what color you want. Labs are either Black, Chocolate, or Yellow. Silver, White, and Red are just variations within the colors. Ad. 2. Think about size. The size of the
A Labrador pup can be purchased through the newspaper for as little as $150,
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Your Labrador Retriever sheds so much because they are a breed that does shed a lot. Only if you see see bald spots, should you be concerned and see a vet. ...
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