How Much Does a Lear Jet Cost?


A Lear jet is one of the most luxurious planes a person can own. Most small ones cost between two and nine million dollars. The ones on the larger end with more amenities can cost upwards of forty million and up.
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A brand new Lear Jet will cost between $3 and $8 million for a small jet and more for a larger one (up to $50 million and more) On top of the purchase cost, you will add costs of
1. Conduct a search on the Internet for rent a private Lear jet. Several companies from which you can rent a Lear Jet are Netjets, Flight Options, Flexjets and smaller charter companies
You can own one-tenth of a Lear jet for as little as $360,000 plus management
A "Learjet" is a smaller corporate jet aircraft designed by William Powell Lear Jr. The Learjet was originally designed to be a fighter type aircraft, but the design was
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A six-seat Lear jet will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $375,000.00. ChaCha! ...
The cheapest jet engine would cost you around 125,000 us dollars. ...
An airbus engine costs somewhere in the range of 7 million dollars,US. ...
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