How Much Does a Leopard Gecko Cost?


A leopard gecko can vary in cost depending the gecko. If it is a standard leopard gecko which ranges from $35 to about $95. Irf it is a more rare gecko like an Bell Albino Enigma Leopard Gecko then you can expect to pay $95 to $150. You can find more information here: http://www. geckoranch. com/leopard-normal. html
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I purchased my leopard gecko for $20.00 with out setup $200 w/setup. *if you are thinking of getting a leopard gecko make sure you research what it needs at a lot of corporate stores
In pet stores they still usually cost between $60 and $70. They can be
1. Beginning in late November, reduce the normal temperature of the tank by 10 to 15 degrees F and reduce the amount of food that is given each day. Continue this for eight weeks
1. Buy your leopard gecko from a certified breeder or pet store with well taken care of, healthy animals. You may also consider buying online on breeding websites that sell disease
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