How Much Does a Liquor License Cost in Georgia?


To obtain a liquor license in the State of Georgia there is an application fee of $100 and a $100 fee to investigate the application. The Georgia Department of Revenue will be in charge of accepting the application and conducting the inquiries before the license is issued.
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it depends on what county you live in. I live in DeKalb county where a Liquor store license costs $4000 and a beer/wine is $900. You have to check your county government.
1. Determine which license type you need. Wholesalers must fill out different documentation than a bar owner. Supporting documents probably will be required for both application processes
A Georgia liquor license is generally thousands of dollars per year...
varies greatly depending on the type you want. beer/wine serving. beer/wine offsales. distributing. liquor/bar serving. liquor offsales. temporary licenes for parties/etc. best to
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How much a liquor license in the state of Georgia costs will vary from county to county. On average the cost of a liquor license will cost more than one for beer and wine. A liquor license will cost anywhere from $4,000-5,000 on average in the state of Georgia.
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