How Much Does a Loonie Weigh?


A Canadian loonie weighs seven grams. A loonie is another name for the Canadian dollar. The loonies minted from the year of 1987 to the year of 2011.
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7 grams.
the details of loonie and toonie are given below Loonie Mass: 7 g Diameter: 26.5 mm Thickness: 1.75 mm Toonie Mass: 7.3 g Diameter: 28 mm Thickness: 1.8 mm
The Canadian loonie is the one dollar coin of Canada and weighs 7 grams. Its proper name is Canadian loon but it is widely known now as the 'loonie' The name comes from the design
Bronze-plated nickel 2012 loonies weigh 7 grams, and brass-plated steel 2012 loonies weigh about 6.27 grams. Source: [1]
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