How Much Does a LVN Make in Texas?


The average salary for an LVN in the state of Texas is $43,000 annually. This is slightly lower than the average for the country.
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The average yearly salary of an LVN is $40,900, while the median salary is $39,820, according to the BLS as of 2009. On the salary scale, those in the bottom 10 percent earn $28,890
The average salary for an LVN in California is $42,000. Average salary can
You start out at around 2,100 a month salary and work your way up on the pay grade scale. It adds up to about 25,000 a year as well as a great benefits package and hazardous duty
10 to 20 dollars an hour on average depending on what state your in and whether or not you work in a clinic, hospital or nursing home. In Mississippi the nursing homes pay the best,
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How Much Does an LVN Make in Texas?
Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) work in a variety of settings, often have relatively flexible schedules and generally receive benefits as part of the compensation package. As of November 2010, LVNs earned wages between $12 and $21 per hour, base in... More »
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