How much does a Maine Coon kitten cost?


The price of pet quality Maine Coon kittens ranges from £241 - £604. The cost however, varies greatly depending on the area. Make sure you are specific about the size, beauty or temperament of the kittens you want before you go shopping for the kittens.
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Purebred pet quality maine coons average $1,000 +/- You might consider adopting a rescued feline at You'll save about $800 and get a quality, wonderful pet.
A kitten you can get for free if it hasn't to be a specific race. For good food we spend about 20€ a month. The veterinary normally gets about 100€ per year for checks,
It really depends what breed you are wanting. I assume that you are wanting a certain breed of cat. Otherwise your local animal shelter will have an assortment of baby kitties up
After vaccinations and deworming, since most kittens get worms from their
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