How Much Does a Marshmallow Weight?


A small marshmallow weighs in at 0.05 grams. A large marshmallow weighs 0.5 grams. Extra-large 'campfire style' marshmallows can each weigh up to 24 grams.
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zero since i ate them.
1 Regular Marshmallow weighs 7.2G and contains 23 calories and 6
0.2 ounces for a big one, 0.01 for a small one. Your welcome!
That's a lot of either. Uh.. Chocolate I guess. Marshmallows would make me explode.
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The weight of a marshmallow will vary depending on the size. A large marshmallow weighs about 0.50 grams. A small marshmallow will weigh around 0.05 grams. ...
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A fact about marshmallows is that Americans buy 90 million pounds of them per year. That is almost equivalent to the weight of 1,286 gray whales. Another fact ...
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