How much does a million dollars weigh?


This answer can be answered with some simple mathematics. Any given bill weighs approximately 1 gram. Since there are 454 grams per pound, 1 million $1 bills would weight approximately 2,202 pounds. But if you're working with a higher demonination, like $20s or $100s, the pile would weigh less.
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66 million pounds roughly a nickel is 5 grams, 30 million are 1 million dollars.
Each bill (regardless of value) weighs about 1 gram. there are 454 grams in a pound. So if they were all ones it would weigh 10,000,000 /454 about 22,026.4 pounds. In fives it would
Five million pennies would be terrifically heavy! It would weigh
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One million dollars in $100 bills would weigh 21 pounds
In $20 bills, a million dollars would weigh 106 pounds and be 200" high. In $1 bills, a million would weigh 1.1 US tons.
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