How Much Does a Mouse Weigh?


The average mouse weighs about 1 ounce to 1/2 of an ounce. The actual weight would depend on the mouse and the age of the mouse. A baby mouse would weigh much less.
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Mice range in size from 11 to 21 cm (4 to 8 inches)long (including
Not sure of the weight, but sometimes a pregnant mouse doesn't even gain any weight. The best way to be sure is to separate her from any other mice, and wait aprox. a month. They
The average mouse weighs about 20 grams but varies from mouse to mouse depending on diet and exercise.
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The average house mouse weighs about a pound, and is about 6 inches long. A mouse is a great pet, they are small and easy to take care of. And they eat just about anything you give them.
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