How Much Does a New Laptop Cost?


Different types and brands can be much different on the price. Here is a price list of most frequent laptops.
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The cost for a laptop ranges from approximatly $250 to an excess of $5000.
A notebook is best described as a lightweight miniature laptop that sacrifices power, features and performance for lightweight portability and increased battery life. Notebooks are
Depends on so many things.. Such as country, taxes, hardware, number of production... Hard to tell... Embed
The question is very vague. The cost of a mini laptop must be different because of its different brands models and configuration. For example, the price of acer aspire mini laptop
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How much a laptop is depends on the laptop. You can buy an inexpensive basic model for about 500 US dollars. Higher end faster gaming laptops can cost over 1000 ...
Dell laptops can cost anywhere between $500-$2000 depending on the model. You can go to Dell's website and customize a laptop so you only buy what you need. ...
It is depents on the laptop configurations. ...
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