How Much Does a Nickel Bag of Weed Weigh?


It depends on where is your living as to how much a nickel bag of weed will cost. Usually, this bag has about one joint's worth of weed in it. This is approximately 0.5 grams.
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A US nickel weighs between 4.9 and 5.1 grams. That's exactly as much as two dimes but less than a quarter.
it ways 2 grams stupid fuhkks.
There are no reliable sources online for weed prices, since it's
quarter ounce. Source(s) don't make me tell you how i know! i just do. :P.
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A nickel bag of weed is roughly $5 in cost. Hence the name nickel, which is equal to 5 cents. A nickel bag would have half of a gram or less of weed in it. Marijuana ...
A dime bag of weed weighs about two grams. The cost of a dime bag is about $10. As of December 2012, marijuana is decriminalized in only a couple of states. ...
A nickel is very light and weighs much less than an ounce, more like a quarter of an ounce roughly. In grams a nickel is actually about 5 grams. As they wear and ...
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