How Much Does a Nintendo Ds Cost?


Nintendo DS was released in the fall of 2004, and it should be discounted to US $100. Search the web on Ask Jeeves and find your Nintendo DS.
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The cost of a Nintendo DS is $129.99. There is also a Nintendo DSI which is $149.99, and a DSI XL which is $169.99. The only difference is the size of the screen, and the camera feature.
The Nintendo DS Light in Cobalt and Black is $129.99 at Amazon. The DS also comes in pink, red, metallic rose, white and metallic silver. You don't get a game when you buy the DS for this price though.
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This all depends on the store or website that is selling the DS. There's not going to be a standard used price for a Nintendo DS, unfortunately. Looks like you can get the first generation
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The retail price for a Nintendo DS is $169.99. It comes with black,...
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You can get a Nintendo Ds Lite in Cobalt, Black, Pink and a variety of other colors for around $130.00. It comes with a stylus to use with the games as well. ...
If you want to buy a refurbished Nintendo DS, you will have to pay at least 70 dollars. A new Nintendo DS system will cost you approximately 140 dollars before ...
To determine how much a Nintendo DS Lite will cost, consider the following factors. It does matter which version you buy and which features you purchase. The DS ...
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