How Much does a Nissan Altima Weigh?


The 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5L I4 4-door automatic base model, has a total curb weight of 1412 Kg or 3112 Lbs. This car gets 23 MPG city and 31 MPG highway.
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A 1994 Nissan Altima has a curb weight of approximately 2,853 pounds. In
1. Look up the invoice price of a Nissan Altima, including the options that you want on your car. This information is widely available on the Internet from sources like Edmunds and
1. Open the driver's side door. Get on your knees, and peer under the driver's side dash, close to the emergency brake. Alternatively, use the hand-held mirror to get your bearings
1. Loosen the negative battery cable ( nut with a pair of pliers and then pull the cable away from the battery terminal. 2. Remove the two screw covers with a flat-head screwdriver.
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