How much does a notary public charge?


The level of Notary Public fees are not fixed or set by the Faculty Office. Subsequently, each Notary Public practice is free to determine what it considers to be a reasonable fee. One should look for a firm with the most applicable fee to the individual preference.
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They do it for free I've heard.
Introduction--Functions of a Notary Notaries have been licensed and bonded in a state to administer oaths and verify affirmations. They carry a seal, usually in the form of a stamp,
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If you don't know somewhere that you can get it done for free (Some banks will provide the service free to account holders) then the fee is typically $5 to $15 per document. Richard
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Many notaries do not do this as a primary profession. They may charge $5 or $10 for each document to be notarized. Those that do choose to pursue this as a profession ...
In the state of New York, a notary public may charge up to $2 to notarize a document. They are not allowed to charge anything above that or any other fees. Notary ...
Legally, fifteen dollars is the absolute maximum an notary in the state of Florida can charge to officiate a marriage. The notary can charge no more than that! ...
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