How Much Does a Nursing Assistant Make a Year?

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Salary Profile for Nursing assistant
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $65,000 $86,000 $31,000
National $50,000 $66,000 $24,000
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Most travel nurses make $24 to $35 per hour, corresponding to $49,920 to $72,800 per year, according to Other sources such as the All Nursing School website report
on average $21.90 every hour.
As of May of 2010, a total of 1,132,070 administrative assistants were employed in the United States and earned an average pay of $45,860 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor
Nursing salaries differ by region and in some hospitals by degree levels. In general orthopedic nurses make the same as nurses with expertise in other areas. Hourly pay can range
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A nursing assistant makes approximately $24,980 a year, which is an hourly wage of $12.01 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of 2009.Though the amount of money a nursing assistant makes highly depends on the health facility she works in and where she lives.
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