How Much Does a Nursing Assistant Make a Year?

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Salary Profile for Nursing assistant
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $65,000 $86,000 $31,000
National $50,000 $66,000 $24,000
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Technical nurse assistants perform a variety of duties to help individual patients. This includes cleaning and readying rooms, helping patients eat, walk, dress or bathe, lifting
licensed nurse.
A certified nurse assistant assists individuals with activities of daily living
The nursing assistant programs train the students how to become efficient staff of the hospital. You will learn effective and efficient ways to provide service to patients, as well
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A nursing assistant makes approximately $24,980 a year, which is an hourly wage of $12.01 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of 2009.Though the amount of money a nursing assistant makes highly depends on the health facility she works in and where she lives.
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