How Much Does a Painter Charge Per Hour?


Painters apply paint, stain, varnish, and other finishes to buildings and other structures. A painter can earn from ?7.00 per hour to ?11.00 per hour.
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Salary Profile for Painter make per hour
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $44,000 $57,000 $36,000
National $35,000 $44,000 $28,000
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House painters apply paint, stain, varnish and other finishes to preserve surfaces against weathering and age and to make them attractive. Because there is so much involved in preparing
Union painters on union jobs get more than forty dollars per hour including several dollars per hour that goes into pension and benefit plans.
The estimated cost for a professional painter varies. The price will depend on the cost of the supplies, whether it is interior or exterior, and the experience of the painter. A more
There is no set amount that painters charge. A good estimate of an average is
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How much a painter charges per hour only applies with some painters. Painters usually charge by the square foot. There are several painter's who say they charge ...
The hourly rates for house painters typically start at $25/hour. $40 is a fair average for this service. However, know that this can sometimes come to more than ...
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, house painters earned less than $10.75 per hour to as much as $27.16 an hour in 2008. The median house painters reported ...
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