How much does a pallet of bricks weigh?


The weight of a pallet of bricks varies based on the size of the pallet, the type of bricks used and the number of bricks used. For instance, a pallet of red clay bricks stacked 4-feet high weighs significantly more than a pallet with a single layer of Lego bricks.

If a brick's face is 7.625" x 2.25", it has a surface area of approximately 17 square inches. A standard-size pallet is 40" x 48", which equates to a surface area of 1,920 square inches. Based on these measurements, roughly 113 bricks are needed to cover the pallet. If each brick weighs 4.3 pounds, the pallet of bricks weighs 486 pounds with just a single layer of bricks on it. However, this example does not account for the weight of the pallet itself.

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