How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Weigh?


A pallet sod weighs 3000 to 3500 pounds. It can weigh less or more reliant on how much rain the fields have had. If you can't transport the weight but still desire to pick up the sod, you can hand load it and not pay the pallet deposit charge except for Bahia.
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A pallet of sod grass weighs between 2000 and 3000 pounds. A 3/4 ton
Generally, pallet sizes are 4-by-4 feet. Each pallet holds 450 square feet or 50 square yards of sod. Each pallet holds 171 pieces of sod measuring 16 inches wide by 24 inches long
3.6lbs per sq foot. 700 sq ft pallet is 2500lbs, give or take how wet the sod is.
A pallet of St. Augustine 'Floritam' will cost you $150 plus tax plus a $5 pallet deposit. It covers 500 sq. ft. Contact the "Bushel Stop" or "Nu Turf" for directions
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