How Much does a Personal Shopper Make?


A personal shopper can make $27,500 - $48,500 a year, with the average salary being $37,000. It varies, depending on where you live though.
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A personal shopper is someone that you would hire to do all of your shopping for you. You can have them shop for everything from groceries to clothes. Wouldn't that be nice!
1. Start a wish list or gift list. Have a goal in mind when searching for a personal shopper. Many have specialties in furniture, clothing or children's gifts. 2. Search the Internet
1 Find a store that offers a personal shopper service. Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, Barneys, J Crew and Nieman Marcus all offer personal shoppers. If you prefer to shop at a store
The advantages of a personal shopper is: a. You save time and money. A good personal shopper will have the knowledge on where to buy things and where to find good bargains. b. Gift
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The price that a personal shopper charges, is determined by different factors. It can be determined by the shopping distance, time it takes to shop, fuel costs ...
Most personal shoppers are paid 6.234 pounds per hour, though it generally depends on who the client is and the type of shopping. A personal shopper is a trusted ...
A personal shopper's salary greatly depends on who their clients are. Their pay typically ranges from $9.97 per hour to over $25 per hour. You can find out more ...
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