How Much Does a Pig Cost?


A pig can cost different amounts depending on the different type of pig. Each type has a different price pigs for slaughter cost between 80 and 300 dollars while a pet pig can cost a few hundred up to about 1,000.
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If you buy a pig as a piglet and raise it yourself, you will pay around $80 to $100. You then have to figure in the cost of food and upkeep. If you buy a full grown pig, it will cost you about $200 to $250.
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You can purchase an 8 week old piglet for between $80-$200. The up front cost is probably the biggest expense, but you will also need to factor in food for your new pet!You can find
for finishing pigs the cost will be varied but on a specialist ration you would expect a feed conversion ratio of 2.86kg of feed to kg of weight gain a ration cost of approx £
Micro pigs are typically sold for between £195 and £700, which is about $300-1100
13 dollars US.
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