How much does a polysomnography tech make?

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Salary Profile for Polysomnography tech
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $86,000 $86,000 $64,000
National $66,000 $66,000 $49,000
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Sonographer techs make a median hourly wage of $30.30 or a yearly salary of $63,010 as of May 2009, states the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) The lowest-paid 10 percent receive
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PayScale aggregated the compensation of over 700 MRI techs and calculated an average salary range from $49,261 to $67,287. In addition, the data found average hourly wages ranging
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Polysomnography techs who hold a Registered Polysomnographer Technologist (RPSGT) credential make an average of $49,205 per year. Those who are not certified only earn an average of $37,839 annually. Polysomnography techs who are in research or administrative positions earn an average of $55,000 per year. Hourly pay for a polysomnography tech ranges between $23.75 to $33.97 with rates increasing depending on hours worked per week and overtime.

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