How Much Does a Portrait Tattoo Cost?


It varies with the artist as to how much a portrait tattoo would cost. You can probably expect a cost of around $1.000 if it is a particularly talented artist.
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Depends on size and color amount. Simple nothing cheap about portait tattoo.
The average cost of a portrait tattoo is between $125 and $400. When
1. Find out what is most important to your client. Know your canvas. Your canvas is the person on which you will tattoo, and ultimately he is the person you must please. Whether it
Tattoos range in price depending on how detailed what you want is and how big the tattoo of your choice is. Pick a reputable tattoo parlor to go to and ask them how much it would
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The basic tattoo cost should cost about 50 dollars per square inch. You will want to get the tattoo that you really want for the money you pay. ...
The cost of a tattoo is dependent on how long it takes to finish and how much the artist charges per hour. Tattoo artists charge anywhere from fifty to three-hundred ...
The cost of a tattoo is dependent on how many hours it takes to finish the tattoo. A thirty minute tattoo, will run you around fifty dollars. A tattoo that takes ...
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