How Much Does a Potato Weigh?


How much a potato weighs depends on the potato since they are various sizes. Potatoes can weigh several ounces up to one pound.
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The average potato weighs approximately 1-2 pounds depending on its size. Potato's range from very small to very large. In Olympia, WA they once had a potato that weighed twenty five pounds. Now that's a potato.
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Potatoes come is a great variety of sizes, hence the weight of a potato would depend on it's size. Some potatoes are very small and can weigh only a few ounces, while others are quite
It depends! A potato could really weigh anything!!
Individual uncooked potatoes weigh between 6.5 oz. and 20 oz. The largest potato ever
Depends on the size and density of the potato. A little salad potato might only weigh a few grams, but a big jacket potato could weigh a few hundred grams. If it's a specific potato
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