How much does a pound of butter cost?


The average cost for a pound of butter is between $2 and $3. The costs vary based on the location, brand of butter and the type of store it is purchased from.

There are a variety of factors that determine the price of butter, including if it is purchased from an independent grocer or a large chain. Brand also plays a part, as name-brand butter tends to be more expensive than generic brands. Organic and specialty butter from more expensive stores go up to $5 for a pound. The season and export economy also determine the overall price of butter.

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In Chicago, Illinois it is approximately $5.
Butter is approximately $2.80 per pound.
I hope you didn't see my erased post. Butter = $108/32 lbs = 3.375 $/lb. Clarified butter = $108/(32 lb * (1-0.19) = 4.17 $/lb.
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The price of a pound of butter vary by what store you are shopping at and your location. Most places charge between $2-3 dollars. Some times you can get it on ...
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