How Much Does a Pound of Copper Cost?


The prices of copper per pound vary o the area in which you are selling or buying and also with the price rates of the day according to the market. Currently copper may be worth about $ 3.50.
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Copper, like most metals, value changes on a daily basis. There are a couple of resources you can utilize to receive a current and accurate price and that is your local newspaper
The current rate for copper is $2.91 per pound.
1. Note the cost of the item you are buying. It may be printed on the container or on a sign close to the item. 2. Weigh the item. Depending on what you are purchasing, the weight
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Copper is vary with the time depending on the expectations for now copper goes for 4.1957 and in Pounds is at the cost of 0.644 and 0.7607 in Euros. ...
The price of copper changes daily. Currently, the average price a single pound of clean copper is £1.470. You can usually sell copper to local scrap yards ...
The cost of pure copper changes all the time based on currency changes. As of right now, pure copper will cost you about $3.22 per pound. ...
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