How Much Does a PS3 Cost Now?


Playstation 3 prices can vary depending on sales and bundles and where they are purchased to view current prices for Best Buy visit and for Amazon visit .
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The cost of a PS3 has recently decreased to $249.99 for the PS3 160 GB model in the USA. The PS3 320 GB model has also had price decreases when offered at special bundle prices. The
An 80 gig PS3 retails around $399.99. A 160 gig is around $499.99.
Retail price for a 80GB PS3 is $299. 160GB PS3s go for $399. Or you can try the new PS3 Slim for $299!
1. Turn off your PS3 console and unplug the cables from the rear of the unit. 2. Unplug the controllers from the ports at the front of the unit. 3. Remove the screw on the left side
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