How Much Does a Pug Dog Cost?


The cost of pug dogs ranges from £300 to £1000. The prices usually vary depending on the location, quality and the source. In other countries like the U.S, the prices of the dogs vary from $250 to $2000.
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A pup from a breeder can cost about $1,000 but adoption or dogs from a pet store are cheaper. (watch out though dogs can be violent or disobedient if they were mistreated!).
1. Buy a puppy crate that is just large enough for your pug puppy to stand up, turn around and lie down; anything bigger and it may designate a corner of the crate as his toilet.
1. Invest in lint rollers, a good vacuum cleaner, leather furniture or if you're cheap, faux leather couch/chair covers, hardwood flooring or if you are cheap like me, linoleum, fake
They are usually around 600 for a good one. ChaCha!
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