How Much Does a QP of Marijuana Cost?


The abbreviation of QP when speaking of marijuana means a quarter pound. How much a QP will cost will depend on several things. The quality of the marijuana and where you buy it will have a big impact. It could be anywhere from about $400.00 and up. Be sure you have a license to have that much and consider the federal laws.
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A QP of the good stuff costs about $1,200. A middies quap costs about
a nick is 5 dollars a quart is 25
what should cost anywhere from 440 to 480 depending on where you live, how much ur dudeman has, and how cool u are with him. Source(s): i get mine for either 450 or 460
$1.00 for each computer-generated one.
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The cost for a 20 of weed all depends on who you purchase it from. A 20 will weight around 2 grams which should cost $25.00 depending on the type. Remember marijuana ...
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