How much does a real Christmas tree cost?


The cost of a real Christmas tree will vary depending on size, location and how close it is to Christmas! You can spend well over $100 for a tree or as little as $15.00 depending on the kind of tree and the size.
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Around 20-50 dllrs for a new tree, Walmart sell an artificial for 20 bucks.
Christmas trees in Cincinnati, Ohio can cost
I usually have an artificial tree but would like to get a real one this year. I'd like to know how much they cost though. Id like a 6 or 7ft tree, anyone know how much it would ..
Expect to pay a minimum of $50 per hour for tree trimming, according to Galt Technology. The Cost Helper website puts the cost of trimming a 30-foot tree in 2011 at around $75, while
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