How much does a replacement birth certificate cost?


According to the Centers for Disease Control, the cost of a replacement birth certificate depends on individual state regulations. For instance, in the state of Alabama, a replacement birth certificate costs $15.00, while in the state of Alaska, a replacement birth certificate costs $30.00

According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health State Vital Records Office, replacement birth certificates for the state of Connecticut cost $20.00 when requested from the city or town of birth and $30.00 when requested from the State Vital Records Office or the state's public health department. Wallet-sized certifications of birth are also available for $15.00.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Birth Certificate?
A certified copy of your birth certificate is needed for various forms of official identification and licensing. You can lose your birth certificate during a disaster such as fire, flood or a devastating storm. It is also easy to lose papers during a... More »
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