How Much Does a Sheet of Osb Weigh?


A sheet of Osb weighs approximately 21.31 kilograms but this depends on the type of sheet and wood in it. A sheet is a collection of different types of ply wood with different textures, colours and sizes.
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Manufacturers produce OSB by combining wood strands, wax and adhesive. One sheet of oriented strand board contains 50 layers of wood strands. Manufacturers may spray OSB sheets with
3/8" OSB is approximately 1.2 lbs per square foot. A typical 4'x8' sheet, then, would weigh in at slightly under 38.5 lbs.
A 1/2" sheet of oriented strand board weighs about 52-53 pounds and a 3/4"
Approximately 54 pounds. A 4'x8' sheet of 23/32" OSB is approximately 78 pounds.….
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