How Much Does a Shih Tzu Cost?


How much does a Shih Tzu cost? I would say that you can get a cute little puppy for about $300-500. Although I have seen them for up to $2000. I would check out breeders and there is also the option of checking with rescue and adoption. They have pedigree dogs and you can pick them up cheaper usually. You can find more information here: how much does a shih tzu cost
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hi,my mom is a shih tzu breeder we have 4 shih tzus 3 female 1 male and 2 of our females are prego and are due June 20-26/baliey and June 30-July 4 and the boys will be 400.00 and
A Shih Tzu can be walked or taken for a short run around your neighborhood. You can also leave the Shih Tzu in your yard, if you have one, for around 15 minutes for it to play on
honestly the best thing to do is call a bunch of clinics in your area and see what the average is. chances are you are going to find most that are around the same price, one or two
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