How Much Does a Shih Tzu Cost?


How much does a Shih Tzu cost? I would say that you can get a cute little puppy for about $300-500. Although I have seen them for up to $2000. I would check out breeders and there is also the option of checking with rescue and adoption. They have pedigree dogs and you can pick them up cheaper usually. You can find more information here: how much does a shih tzu cost
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It cost for. $300-$3,500, THAT'S ALOT!
Overfed shih tzus often suffer from obesity-related health issues. Many shih tzu owners leave a bowl of dry dog food out all day. The puppy can eat when it feels hungry. This method
Adopt a dog from the shelter. There are way too many unwanted pets out there, especially due to the housing meltdown and people having to give up their pets. If they aren't adopted,
Shih Tzu's vary in price. I found a female Shih Tzu puppy for $450
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