How Much Does a Women's Shot Put Weigh?


The weights for men and women's shot put are different. For men, the official weight is 7.260 kilograms. For women, the official weight is 4 kilograms.
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A. a girl's high school shotput weighs 8 pounds.
Learning how to throw a shot put is no easy feat. It takes a certain amount of knowledge about the sport, the proper shot put throwing technique and a lot of practice. Here are some
1. Size does matter. When choosing a shot put, the size and weight of the shot will depend upon your sex and age. Females junior high level and younger will throw a 6 lb. shot. Females
The men's shot weight is 16 pounds. The women's shot weight is 8.8
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The regulation weight of the metal ball in high school shot put is 12 pounds for boys and 8.8 pounds for girls. The ball must be thrown from within a 7-foot circle.As ...
The metal ball used in adult men's shot put competition weighs 16 pounds, or 7.25 kilograms, while the ball used in women's competition typically weighs 8.8 pounds ...
A gram weighs a gram on a scale. Or as we put it another way, 1/1000 of a kilogram, or, 1/454 of a pound. It doesn't make any difference though. You have to check ...
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