How Much Does a Siberian Husky Cost?


Prices of purebred dogs can vary from one breeder to another due to blood lines of the dogs. How much you pay depends on where you get your puppy. Form a good breeder you will pay about $300.00 to $400.00. A pet store will be a lot more.
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The average cost for a purebred husky would be around $700-800.
$300-400 can often get you a papered Siberian Husky puppy from an
1. Brush your Siberian Husky twice a week with a slicker brush, followed by combing with a coarse or medium steel comb. Huskies' coats are extremely dense, so it's important to remove
1. First to pick out your little fur ball. Avoid pet stores or backyard breeders. Pet stores get most of their puppies from puppy mills. There are some that partner with animal rescue
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Several factors go into consideration when determining how much a Siberian Husky will cost. If it has blue eyes or is AKC registered, it will be more expensive. ...
Husky dogs cost about £500 - £800. The average cost of food £4-7.50 per week, though they do not require much food. Husky dogs are quick and ...
You might be able to go online at sites like Petfinder and find an Alaskan husky that has an adoption fee of less than $100. If you prefer to get a husky from ...
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