How Much does a Small Wedding Cost?


You can do a small wedding for $1,000. You will need to budget carefully for a dress, the reception, the flowers and photographer. Most all of this can be done by family and friends and many will offer their services as a wedding gift.
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1. Designate someone to be in control of the wedding plan. Make sure that this control is real and not constantly altered by yourself or your family. 2. Make a guest list that is
Your wedding day is a big deal, but it doesn't have to break the bank. There are many ways to have a beautiful but low-cost wedding. Date When setting the date, consider planning
1. Order a small fancy cake. If you require extra cake you can always have a sheet cake baked so that there is an adequate amount for all. Serve the wedding party from the fancy cake
It depends on the market and who you're talking to, but a lot of people are considering smaller weddings these days due to the overall cost of weddings and simply wanting their day
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