How Much Does a Split Queen Box Spring Cost?


How Much Does a Split Queen Box Spring Cost? A Split Queen Box Spring is a box spring that is split into two sections. The box spring can range in price between $50 and $200.
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Go to UPS and enter in how much the weight is. That's what they go by. I do know that it will be at least $100. I sent a Fisher Price Jumparoo in the mail to Oklahoma and that alone
It depends on what you're looking for. Some brands differ, as do stores. If you're looking for a bargain, try (then query your area) or ebay if you don't mind potentially
If you want someone to package it for you as well it'll cost you! I'd guesstimate 2-400 for both pieces (not counting packaging). Try calling a local freight forwarder. DHL Freight,
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A split queen box spring can vary on the quality and company that makes it. You can get it from the low end of one hundred seventy dollars to three hundred fifty dollars.
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