How Much Does a Split Queen Box Spring Cost?


How Much Does a Split Queen Box Spring Cost? A Split Queen Box Spring is a box spring that is split into two sections. The box spring can range in price between $50 and $200.
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1. Decide if you would like to split or cut the queen box spring by length or width. 2. Find the midway point on the box spring. Measure the length if you plan on cutting it across
It is used when you can not fit a standard queen box spring into the door of a room, or upstairs in an elevator etc.
This cited source has a box spring for $285.…. I've never seen a split queen box, only one on a king. and the mattress isn't split on the king, just the box. so you can get one
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A split queen box spring can vary on the quality and company that makes it. You can get it from the low end of one hundred seventy dollars to three hundred fifty dollars.
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