How Much Does a Squirrel Weigh?


There are many different types of squirrels. The eastern gray squirrel can weigh between .75 and 1.5 pounds. The red squirrel can weight about 1 pound and the fox squirrel weighs between 2-3 pounds.
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More than 10grams.
The red squirrel weighs around 5-11 oz. as compared to the fox squirrel's weight of
1 - 1.5 lbs Source(s):…
The avg. weight of a female squirrel is approx 700g & about 800g for male. Chipmunks weigh half of that!
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There are many species of squirrel. The fox squirrel weighs between 2-3 pounds. The eastern gray squirrel weighs between .75-1.5 pounds and the red squirrel weighs about 1 pound.
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