How Much Does a Suit of Armor Weigh?


A suit of armor weighs about One hundred and ten pounds, or fifty kilograms. It's an article written by Stephanie Pappas, Live Science as senior writer dated July 19, 2011.
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By "suit of armour" I'm assuming the question is referring to plate harness, which only became common in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, ie the very end of the medieval
It had many layers of metal, leather and padded cloth. So it mast have weighed a lot! - Low Rider - A Knight's Tale - Knight Sur…. Most. suit. s of. armor
1. Research the different types of armor from over the last 2,000 years in England, Europe and Asia. For a fantasy costume, sketch a drawing of what you want to look like, using all
While armor weighed between 80 and 140 lbs. it was so well dispersed it
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