How Much Does a Sumo Wrestler Weigh?


The average sumo wrestler is 6 feet and 2 inches tall, weighing 410 pounds. The Japan Sumo Association is trying to crack down on massive weight gain by issuing warnings to wrestlers who carry more weight then their frame can handle.
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The fattest sumo wrestler was Konishiki who weighed in at 670lbs. He's since retired and is down to mid 300lb range. He regretted not making Yokozuna (higest rank) and not growing
Konishiki, the one American (born in Hawaii) is all chafe. Age 21,
1. Join or be recruited into a sumo stable under the direction of the stable master. Sumo wrestlers often start training at stables from a young age. Stables provide new sumo wrestlers
Average size of a Sumo wrestler is 130 kg/21 st or 285 lb. They eat in excess of 15,000 calories a day
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