How Much Does a Sunfish Sailboat Cost?


The cost of a Sunfish sailboat can vary greatly. This can depend on the age of the boat and size. Generally, you will pay around $4,000 for a new one that comes with the dolly and cover.
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1. Run the halyard, which is attached to the upper boom, through the top pulley of your mast. Place your mast through the ring attached to the lower boom, followed by the mast hole
For a new sunfish sail boat the cost is $3695 00.For the Dolly w/ 18" x
There are a lot of parts commonly used on the Sunfish Sailboat. Assuming the question should read, how many parts are on a sunfish, the answer is approximately 15-20, depending on
here is a listing for sunfish sailboats (and parts) for sale on craig's list and Ebay.…. hope this helps. Source(s) old salt.
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