How Much Does a Surrogate Mother Get Paid?


As of 2010, surrogate mother receives approximately $20,000. This excludes clothing allowance, medical expenses, and other benefits. Sometimes, surrogate mothers will receive no fee if they volunteer to do it for somebody, like friend of family.
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It all depends on the organization you go through but typically I have seen surrogates get paid between 10 and 15k during the course of the pregnancy. They also reimburse for maternity
1. Learn the surrogacy laws in your state (see Resources below) Some states allow surrogacy while others either have laws against it, refuse to uphold surrogacy contracts or prohibit
It depends on the state laws. Some women become surrogates for free...
It is a pretty wide range and it depends on how much the surrogate is asking, how much the couple is offering, and surrogate's experience level. The average rates being 10K-35K.
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To be a surrogate mother you need to allow someone else to fertilize your eggs. You can sign up with agencies online and screen applicants. You will be paid for ...
It really depends on the agency your go through on how much you will get paid. There has been women get paid anywhere from 10 to 15k during the pregnancy. ...
Usually the amount of money a surrogate gets paid would be determined by the soon to be parents and the surrogate mother. It takes a special person to be a surrogate ...
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