How Much does a Target Manager Make?


A store manager for Target will make around $70,000.00 per year plus bonus. The bonus is going to vary greatly depending on the stores sales performance.
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Between $2000 and $4000 a month depending on location (cost of living) and experience.
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Salary Profile for Target manager
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $106,000 $133,000 $70,000
National $81,000 $102,000 $54,000
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I have heard that how much a Target manager makes can vary. The average I believe is around $105,000 annually. This is based on where the store is located and how much experience that person has.
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It is not public knowledge as to how much money a Target store manager makes, however they are required to have four year degrees in business management. Most ...
The average salary for the store manager at Target is about $103,000 dollars. The managers are also eligible for bonuses including cash and stock bonuses. There ...
The average wage for a Target Cashier or Associate is around $8 per hour. Supervisors and managers get paid $13 per hour or more. If you work in the pharmacy, ...
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